National Anti-Discrimination Information Gateway 

Laws about discrimination are made at both the Commonwealth and the State and Territory levels. These laws include a range of grounds on which individuals may lodge a complaint including discrimination because of race, sex, disability and age.

Individuals can lodge complaints about discrimination, harassment and bullying based on these grounds with either the Commonwealth or State and Territory. The circumstances of the complaint will influence where it should be lodged. Individuals and businesses in all jurisdictions may be required to respond to these complaints.

Complaints about discrimination can be made in relation to a range of areas including employment, education, the provision of goods, services and facilities, accommodation, sport and the administration of either Commonwealth or State and Territory laws and services.

To assist individuals and businesses to navigate discrimination laws, this Gateway provides a snapshot of each anti-discrimination system including information about the grounds and areas of public life on which a complaint can be made in each jurisdiction. Individuals and businesses can also find contact details for each anti-discrimination commission, anti-discrimination board or human rights commission through this Gateway. ​


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